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Month: January 2018

How Can You Use Recycled Aggregates?

Aggregates have been used in building projects for thousands of years and their use dates back as far as the Roman Empire when sand and stone were used as part of the development of a huge network of aqueducts and roads.

Modern uses are similar in purpose from acting as a reinforcement to a composite material, such as concrete, to drainage for foundations, wall drains and roadside edges to name a few. Domestic uses of aggregate include driveways, hard standings, paths and patios.

Aggregate often comprises of materials such as gravel, sand, slag and crushed stone and these are amongst some of the most excessively mined materials in the world. However, recycled materials have come to fore in recent years that are not only environmentally friendly but are economical and equally effective and these include crushed concrete; pipe bedding sand; ballast mix; drainage shingle and sharp sand.


The new forms of recycled aggregate come in a range of types that are more eco-friendly than the traditional materials. These vary from finely crushed particulate material to larger sizes depending on requirements, and more detailed information regarding the versatility of the recycled aggregate types mentioned above is as follows:

Crushed concrete: this is suitable for use on patio bases, hard standings, paths and driveways

Pipe bedding sand: a product that is good for patio laying and also for gas pipes or electrical cabling and a typical use could include bedding in fence posts and floor screeding

80/40 crushed: a durable kind of aggregate that is often utilised on driveways and roadways

Ballast mix: This recycled product comprises of a mixture of sand and gravel which is used to make concrete

Drainage shingle: a product that is an economical alternative to new gravel and comes ready washed

Sharp sand: typically used for slabs, patios and concrete and also suitable for floor screeding and fence posts


The impact of quarrying has raised concerns for decades due to pollution caused by smoke, dust and traffic. Excessive noise, damage to caves and a decline in water quality have also affected areas surrounding quarries not to mention damage to landscapes and visual blights.

Recycling companies now work hard to mitigate the amount of waste product that is sent to landfills, conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gases.

Following the negative factors inherent in quarrying many people in both residential and business settings now look to recycling of aggregate as a way to acquire not just a high quality, economical alternative, but as a means of protecting the environment from the ravages of traditional mining methods. Grabloader offers a variety of aggregate materials for use in domestic and commercial projects. You can find out more about our recycled aggregates here.

How Can You Use Recycled Aggregates?

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